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We SOLELY offer massages which are exclusively wellness and relaxation massages.
Our line of work implicates that our staff has to provide a technical massage to our clientele.

Hence the present charter aims to establish a clear relationship of trust and respect for moral and physical integrity between masseuse and the massage recipient by specifying the limits of this relationship and explicitly setting our mutual commitments.

Please note that our clients must remain respectful and by all means that no sexual harassent will be tolerated, whether verbaly or phisicaly.


All the massages we offer have the sole aim of relaxation and well-being.
No inappropriate words or gestures will be tolerated from the massed person.
Our masseuses will respect the modesty of the clients during the massage as well as when undressing and dressing the massage recipient.
The masseuse and the masseuse owe each other mutual respect.


The massages will not have a medical or therapeutic nature, nor any erotic connotation, but will only be intended for relaxation and well-being.

We guarantee impeccable hygiene of the premises and the masseuse. We expect the same from the person being massaged.

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